"I have worked with Erik now for 20 personal training sessions. After coming off knee surgery, Erik put together a program that not only took into account my knee issues, but helped me continue to build strength not just in my knee, but overall.  In fact, I gave up my Physical Therapy appointments because I knew Erik cared more about me and his plan for me with my limitations in mind. I feel much stronger now and my knee has progressed beyond my expectations. Every session is different and he challenges you not only physically but mentally. I highly recommend you begin your training with him!!!" - Dru Warren.

"Even though I have trained on my own over the years this is my first experience with a personal trainer. Working with Erik has been a very pleasant and rewarding experience. Before our first session, Erik performed a personal assessment to establish my baseline and discuss my training goals. He is very concerned with safety and takes into account any shoulder / knee / etc. conditions that will need to be considered while designing your workouts. I have been very impressed by his passion, his knowledge, and his ability to connect with his clients while improving your physical condition. It’s because of him that I have signed up for another 30 sessions. I also enjoy the fact that every session is different. Some workouts are full body and others are focused on specific muscle groups, but all are very good. Erik breaks them up and keeps it interesting. He is a very positive and supportive trainer and I am not only very pleased with my strength and flexibility progress, but have enjoyed getting to know Erik. He’s a great guy.  My wife attends classes that Erik's wife Carolyn offers at Live To Cycle Fitness.  She loves their Spinning Classes and Tabata Bootcamp.  I have to mention that the fitness center is always very clean, neat, and orderly. The equipment is kept in excellent condition and fully functional which creates a safe environment.  It’s a very nice and quiet place to train." – Jerry S.

"This is the most balanced program I have ever had.  I'm really happy with my progress." - Luis F.

"I have known Erik as a Spinning Instructor for a few years now and have always appreciated his way of quietly motivating anyone taking his classes and his knowledge of the best way to get the most out of a workout. This was first time working with him as a personal trainer, and again, I really appreciated how Erik can motivate without being over the top or 'in your face', especially on those mornings when you'd rather still be in bed instead of working out. I left every workout feeling like I had benefited and had learned from his knowledge as a trainer. Before we got started, he asked great, detailed questions about my current situation, both physically and mentally to best establish where I was and where I wanted to end up and I truly felt like he listened, both then and throughout all of our workouts. Erik listened to and kept in mind, any physical limitations that I had and was always mindful of any modifications that I needed to make without making me feel like I wasn't working to my full potential. I came away feeling better about myself and with some exercises that I can do at home or at the gym when I'm not able to workout with Erik.
I would definitely recommend Erik and Apex Training for personal training." - Rachel P.

"I cant express enough how happy I’ve been working out with Erik. I came to Apex Fitness during a low time in my life and wanted to make changes both physically and mentally. Erik and his positive encouraging attitude allowed me to achieve my goals one step at a time. He’s always changing up my work out and making them fun and challenging all at the same time. I can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for me. I would recommend him to anyone." - Michelle

"If you've been considering working with a Personal Trainer contact Erik today, don't hesitate, it's the best decision I've made since retiring.
Erik is professional, always on time, always prepared. He gives you a full assessment and designs a workout based on your needs and goals. He's very knowledgeable and experienced.  He mixes things up, so you never get bored. He makes sure you're doing the exercises properly and is always inspiring. I've been working with him for a year and look forward to every session."    :)  Laura Sanchez

​​"Erik is a fantastic trainer. My husband and I have had much experience with trainers so we feel very qualified to make that statement.  We are never bored and we are always doing something different.  One of the most wonderful things is the results in my changing body." - Nancy B

"This workout program has helped me so much and has given me the confidence to do so much more. I feel so much better as my legs were so weak and kept me from things that I love to do. Now, I'm "free" again to tackle everyday and looking forward to continuing my quest to a totally healthy lifestyle." - Toni

"Erik has been great to work with. I have some special needs and he was very accommodating, modifying or eliminating some of the exercises. I've made good progress and have signed up for another round. Highly recommend his services."
- Marc E

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Hollister, CA 95023